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Board of Commissioners

Regular meetings of the Authority are held each quarter on the third Monday of the month following the month that ends each calendar quarter: January, April, July, and October. Meetings may be conducted via teleconference or videoconference provided access is made available to the public in the notice of meeting.

The Annual Meeting of the Authority is be held immediately following the regular meeting in the month of October of each year.

The Officers of the Authority may call a special meeting of the Authority for the purpose of transacting business designated in the call. The business of the special meeting shall be limited to the subject for which the meeting was called. The call for a special meeting must be provided to each Commissioner a minimum of 48 hours prior to the meeting date and time; and may be personally delivered, or delivered by electronic or regular mail.

All meetings of the Authority are subject to the public meetings laws of the State of Arizona. Notice of regular meetings and the annual meeting shall be published once each year a minimum of thirty days prior to the first regular meeting of the year. The dates, time and meeting locations shall be included in the public notice. Notice of a special meeting shall be publicly posted at the offices of the Authority and at City Hall a minimum of forty eight hours prior to the special meeting.